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RAPTRAVEL “A New Concept of Travel”


We are a Travel Agency specialising in tours throughout PERU. Our itineraries are exclusively designed to provide the most comprehensive experience of Peru’s culture and spectacular scenery.

Our expert Guides will ensure you have an unforgettable experience during your stay. They will take care of all your travel arrangements and co-ordinate your tours of choice with our office.

We offer special packages designed around you and your interests. Ecological Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Adventure and Alternative Tourism and of course Luxury Tourism for those wanting a little extra. Whichever experience you’re looking for RAPTRAVEL can modify an itinerary accordingly.

At RAPTRAVEL we believe in the quality of our tours and strive for excellence in client service. We are committed to your enjoyment and safety and hope to see you return one day. We thank for your preference in choosing RAPTRAVEL.


At RAPTRAVEL, we have a special objective; to provide the maximum satisfaction to our guests while we exhibit the natural and cultural wealth of our country while you relax with the peace of mind that you are in our care.

RAPTRAVEL takes pride in its ability to respond to the expectations of our guests as we understand that individual service is a premium service that few of our competitors offer. We have the experience and human resources to make your vacation a memorable one.


The RAPTRAVEL crew are a focused and dedicated group of individuals working towards common goals. One simple idea separates us from the pack; the knowledge and belief that we can bring people from all over the world to participate in an exchange of cultural goodwill. We seek to share our diverse ancestral traditions and bring mutual benefit to the communities we hope you will have an enduring connection with.


Sustainable tourism is of prime importance to RAPTRAVEL. We are committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture, helping to generate income and employment for the local people. Our aim is to provide a positive experience for isolated communities and tourists themselves.


Since its inception in 2006, RAPTRAVEL has remained on the vanguard of tourism and rural community empowerment. By developing sustainable tourism and leaders, both in the tourism industry and in local communities, we hope to attain mutual success. RAPTRAVEL is committed to service excellence, leadership development and cultural enlightenment, in a diverse cognizant industry. RAPTRAVEL strives to preserve and promote an inclusive environment for its clients and the indigenous community.

To make the most of your vacation, it is crucial to have a savy, well-seasoned team strategising, coordinating, and implementing your tour. All of our nationally recognised tours at RAPTRAVELare built on the same foundation: service, innovation, meticulous attention to client needs; and creative networking across the continent to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. How do we do this? By creating and implementing innovative tours throughout Peru that lead the tourism industry.


To achieve and maintain such distinction in tours, service, promotion of Peru that our agency gains a first class reputation for travel, gracious and informed hospitality, comfort and care which draws new and repeat customers year after year.


We are people who love the people:

RAPTRAVEL this jeopardizes with two moral principles that are: “Love your fellow like a same you” and “needed Aid to”.

These two commitments are reasons that inspire to us and fortify because we think that it does not exist nothing else great that servicial for to be needed.

To support and to promote autogestionarios organizational processes, in spaces of real exercise of the democracy.

To generate and to implement new integral educative proposals that construct saberes and that respond to necessities and interests of poorest like subjects of their own development.

To install in the regional public opinion proposals of Rural Development Sustainable that contemplate to the reality and interests of the popular sectors and to generate adhesion to the same ones.

To favor the access, defense and sustainable occupation of the Natural Resources, in particular earth, water and forests.

To develop appropriate and apropiables ecological proposals economic with the rural sectors, primarily with that we worked to fortify the rural systems of life and to contribute to the Local Development.

To fortify the presence of Incupo like social actor in the different scenes that affect the rural Development, specially in the region chaqueña.


This time our equipment represented by the workers of RAPTRAVEL, I travel to Red, Andean high community of the city of the Cusco, in which our main objective was to take joy and to distribute Biblical lessons in children and adults to others to involve us but close by in the activities that they make and therefore to know the reality the necessities of the settlers with the purpose of taking care of and of responding these.

They are in joy and compartment between children, young people and adults. Children sharing and tasting an exquisite chocolate, prepared by the representative team.

Children and workers of RAPTRAVEL sharing a supper, with the objective of which it reigns La Paz and joy.

Showing to tier feelings to us of affectivity towards the group and the nature.

RAPTRAVEL takes care to form a new generation, building people in a logic of physical and moral integrity, cultivating values and virtues occupying to us initially with the children who in the future will constitute the relief generation.

RAPTRAVEL, is of new generations in the mission to take the wise lessons framed within ethical and the values, mainly with the children to share and to teach everything what is possible.

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About RAP Travel


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