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Tour Sacred Valley of the Incas
Full Day


  • Activity: Sacred Valley of the Inca’s
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Operates: All year round
  • Leaves: Daily
  • Minimum Number of People: 2
  • Location: Sacred Valley


Sacred Valley of the Incas
Sacred Valley of the Incas

This beautiful program combines the enchanting landscape of the Sacred Valley with a historical journey through the vast cultures and wonderful archaeological centers that represent the best of the Inca Empire.

Pisac, the gateway to the Sacred Valley has a huge artisan market which will tantalise all of your senses; vibrant colours, rich traditions and the aromas of local cuisine being prepared in the market square.

The city of Ollantaytambo holds great historical significance in the war with Spain, and it was here that the Inca emperor Manco Inca was able to defeat the Spanish in a set-piece battle. The finely cut rocks and plantation terraces were very large obstacles for the Conquistadors to surpass. The fortress here was also used by Manco to conduct successful attacks on Francisco Pizarro and other Conquistadors who were based in Lima.

During the Inca Empire, Ollantaytambo was the royal estate of Emperor Pachacuti who conquered the region, built the town and a ceremonial centre.

Chinchero a small Andean Indian village located high up on the windswept plains of Anta at 3762m about 30km from Cusco and in Incan mythology is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the rainbow. We will visit their famous adobe colonial church, dating from the early seventeenth century and stroll around the main plaza where the locals display and offer their handmade products.

In each of these towns we will also explore the rich archaeological zones that represent some of the most remarkable engineering feats know to the modern world. Each site is unique and our guides will delve into the rich wealth of information that is available about the culture that inhabited them


  • Tourist transport
  • Professional guides, with specific training in leading large groups. Each guide has extensive experience in tourism and speaks English or Spanish or both
  • Tourist ticket
  • Buffet Lunch in the Sacred Valley
  • Respectives transfers


  • Spend people


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