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Cultural and Existential Tourism in Raqchi
2 Days / 1 Night


  • Activity: Existential
  • Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night
  • Operates: All year round
  • Leaves: Daily
  • Minimum Number of People: 1
  • Location: South of Cusco


Is an Incan archaeological site in the Cusco region sometimes referred to as the Temple of Wiracocha. Its town resides nearby and shares the same name. Both lie along the Vilcanota (Urubamba) River.

The complex of Raqchi consists of several different areas each designated with a specific function. The most prominent structure is the Temple of Wiracocha, an enormous rectangular two-story roofed structure that measures 92 m (300 ft) by 25.5 metres (84 ft). This structure consists of a central adobe wall some 18 to 20 meters in height. Windows and doors allow passage. It is flanked on each side by a row of eleven columns. The foundations measure 4 m (13 ft) for both the wall and the columns are classic high Inca stonework with the remaining height built of adobe.

Prior to its destruction by the Spaniards, the temple had what is believed to be the largest single roof in the Incan Empire, having its peak at the central wall, then stretching over the columns and some 25 m (82 ft) beyond on each side. The huge proportions of the temple and its prominence on the site explain why the whole complex is also sometimes referred to as the Temple of Wiracocha.

Evidence indicate that Raqchi was a complex village with multiple constructions for various purposes; including farming terraces, "kanchas" (apartments), "wayranas" (buildings having only 3 walls), "qolqas" (storehouses), different shrines and religious water fountains.


Day 01: Cusco to Raqchi

Raqchi Cusco

We collect you from the hotel early in the morning and head east from Cusco. A day of spectacular cultural immersion awaits!

You will mingle with the locals of RAPCHI and witness their culture first hand. During the evening you are invited to enjoy the retelling of their folklore in dance and song.

The Raqchi village is 125 kms (77 miles) east of Cusco and is found on the banks of the Vilcanota river, at an altitude of 3500 m. (11500 ft.). Its pre-Hispanic name, in the days of the Incas, was "Cacha" and not "Raqchi".

Day 02: Visit the Temple Of Wiracocha - Cusco

Temple Of Wiracochao
Temple Of Wiracocha

After breakfast we will visit the Temple of Wiraqocha with our guide.

It is believed the Temple of Wiraqocha was constructed by the Wiraqocha Inca in homage to the Superior Invisible God of the Andean people: " Apu Kon Titi Wiraqocha". According to Pedro Cieza de Leon, who was a Spanish conquistador and early chronicler of Peruvian culture, the shrine was erected after a Christian like Apostle passed through the region performing miracles.

The villagers, who were initially fearful of this man, had decided to stone him to death. They searched for him and found the stranger kneeling with his arms outstretched and reaching for the heavens. When the menacing band of men approached him immediately a rain of fire fell from the skies. Superstitious as they were it was decided to set him free and not test the fury of the gods further. The strange traveller made his way to the coast and on entering the ocean disappeared forever. Thus the construction of a shrine and stone idol, that according to some conquistadores greatly resembled images of Christian like Apostles, was erected. An urn was also built in his honour.

Due to the large amounts of volcanic stone and dry lava flows in the area the popular believe today is that the rain of fire quite possibly referred to a volcanic eruption of the "Kinsach'ata" volcano, currently extinct, near Raqchi.

After visiting the temple we will return to the village to observe weaving and handmade crafts. After which lunch will be provided. We return to the city of Cusco to spend the night.


  • Tourist  bus
  • Professional guide
  • Excellent meals
  • Hotel 


  • Entrance  ticket  to Raqchi
  • Sleeping Bag


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