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RAP TRAVEL takes charge of organizing your trip to PERU. Choose one of our special promotions in Peru, with incredible prices.

Or if you decide one of our recommended tours with a perfect balance, among the attractives that Peru can offer to you and, if you have another spirit, the tours of adventure and nature sports are waiting for you.

But if you aren’t convinced, let us design together the best tour specially to you. Travel to Cusco, explore the Incas vestiges of Machupicchu and Choquequirao or the preincas cultures of Sillustani, fly over the Nazca lines or get surprised with the fascinating Canyon of Colca, get into the forests of Manu, sail the Titicaca lake or walk the Inca Trail, or if you want you can walk to Snow-capped mountain Salkantay or Ausangate, practice your favorite adventure sports in coast, rivers or Andean heights, or take contact with the people from different places from Peru, realizing existential and rural tourism, see the wide variety of flora and fauna of the Amazonas jungle from Peru.

Peru and Rap Travel wait for you.

Travel agency in Cusco RAP TRAVEL

Rap Travel "New concept of travel" welcomes to you. Welcome to Rap Travel S.R.L "New concept of travel", we’re a company tour operator and travel from Peru, Rap travel fulfills with all the requirements that forces the DIRCETUR (Regional Direction of Industry and Tourism) to execute tourism services out around Peru, the operations are based exclusively by internet sales.

Each itinerary that we offer in our section New Concept of Travel: cultural tourism, ecological tourism, adventure sport tourism, existential tourism, we offer tourism too, for foreigners and nationals in their year.

Our tours are made to the measure of the foreigner and Peruvian tourist, considering the change of the itinerary according to the convenience of the tourist.

In Rap Travel we believe in the provision of a high level of services. served to read the testimonies of our clients, and offer to us give the opportunity of proving that our attendance and services tourism do the difference. Your questions are welcome, so wait to have you very soon in Peru.


Through of this travel guide of Peru. You will know that you need to know about the most important destinies and places from Peru. Summarized histories, attractions, climate, that to visit, arrivals and departures, available housings, photos, etc. That give you of a complete idea of any destiny in Peru to choose the best trip to realice.

Machu Picchu (Cusco)

Peru Package Machu Picchu

Located 120 km northwest of Cusco, the Inca city of Machu Picchu lay hidden from the world in dense jungle covered mountains until 1911. This 'Lost City' is one of the world's archaeological jewels and is one of South America's major travel destinations.

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Nazca Lines (Ica)

Peru Package Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are giant sketches drawn in the desert of western Peru by ancient peoples. The drawings were created on such a large scale is such that the shapes can be readily discerned only from the air, leading to a variety of theories about their purpose.

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Colca Canyon (Arequipa)

Peru Package Colca Canyon

Colca canyon is the major attraction of the Department of Arequipa and also one of the most important in Peru. It can be divided in two parts: between Chivay and Pinchollo, Colca is a wide, fertile and populated valley, characterized by scenic terrace cultures and picturesque Indian villages.

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